Spoon-Leaved Sundew 3in (LC)

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Drosera Spatulata 'Spoon-Leaved Sundew'

  • Light: Bright indirect to full sun
  • Soil: Moisture retaining and acidic. We recommend a mix of vermiculite and/or perlite and peat moss, with a bit of composted potting soil added in too.
  • Water:VERY high. This babe is extremely thirsty and needs to stay constantly moist while it's actively growing. During the growing season (spring and summer), we recommend keeping it in a basin of water so that it never dries out and checking on it daily. During winter, it will die down to a green bud, so you'll want to let it dry out quite a bit more between drinks (we recommend letting the first 1 to 2 inches dry down). Use mineral-free distilled or rain water (reverse osmosis filters also work!)  
  • Humidity: High. If you're keeping this babe indoors, make sure to place it near a humidifier, mist it regularly, put it on a pebble tray filled with water, or group it with other humidity luving besties.  
  • Pet and tiny human friendly: No - keep out of reach to be safe!
  • Pro-tip: This plant can be challenging to grow indoors, but it is possible if you can create the optimal microclimate. You'll want to feed your Sundew very occasionally with tiny bits of meat or dead flies.