Strawberry Begonia 4in (CFF)

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Saxifraga Stolonifera 'Strawberry Begonia'

  • Light: Medium to bright indirect light
  • Soil: Rich, aerated, moisture-retaining
  • Water: Keep the soil slightly moist at all times but not soggy or wet. We recommend letting the top 1 to 2 inches of the soil dry between waterings and then watering thoroughly until water comes out of the bottom of the drainage holes. Allow excess water to drain to avoid root rot. Use distilled or rain water. Overly moist soil can cause root rot and too dry of soil can cause the leaves to wilt. It’s a delicate balance but well worth the effort for that breathtaking foliage!  
  • Humidity: High humidity is key to avoiding browning leaf edges and leaf drop. Avoid misting the leaves, as this will lead to the formation of powdery mildew. Instead, group your Begonia Rex with other humidity-loving plants, or sit it on a saucer of pebbles and water.  
  • Toxic: Yes - keep out of reach of pets & kids