Adopt with us!

At Leafy Luv Affair, we be-leaf that many
well-intentioned people aspire to master
plant parenthood, but most end up
failing and labeling themselves as a
black thumb plant killer.
Giving up on a hobby makes a person disheartened
and causes them to lose hope.

When a plant parent succeeds in
nuturing their green offspring,
they come alive and grow
in un-be-leaf-able ways.
Mastering plant parenthood will show you
what you are capable of
and it will light up your home,
your workspace and your life.

We provide the best houseplants in Tampa,
the most plantastic care advice,
and ongoing support and encouragement
because everyone deserves the bliss of
growing the urban jungle of their wildest dreams.



Our Leafy Luv Affair has gone dormant
We're taking time to recharge + figure out what's next.
Stay tuned & much luv, fronds!



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