Plant Diseases & How to Deal With Them

Our mission is to set you up for wild success so that you hopefully never have to deal with a disease dilemma. But, just in case you do, here’s the quick and dirty down low on the most common diseases and how to treat them.

Troubleshooting Planty Predicaments

Plants get stressed out when their needs aren't being met. Being vigilant of stress signals and taking action early is key to wild success. Use our Troubleshooting Guide to solve any planty puzzles that come your way.

Houseplant Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Houseplant pests are naughty buggers that will attack, damage and potentially destroy your plants if left untreated. Protect your green offspring from harm by putting your pest foot forward with our detailed Bug Busters guide.

10 Leafy Commandments

Want to build the urban jungle of your wildest dreams? Follow our 10 Leafy Commandments and you'll be set up for stellar success!

Other Platending Pursuits

Plants have other needs beyond lighting and watering in order to live their most bodacious lives. Leaf through our Plantending Pursuits guide for the dirty down low on providing the best holistic care for your green offspring.